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Zombie Survival



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Nov 7, 2013
All our servers are with an English speaking majority and there for the langue we use for both voice chat and chat is English. Please do not speak any other languages than the above mentioned.
At no time will excessive foul language be allowed on the servers or forums. This includes, but is not limited to any hateful, derogity, racial, sexist or otherwise offensive comments. The occasional swear is acceptable, but at no time should any hateful or offensive comments as described above be allowed on the GMs digital property.

No offensive name will be allowed on the servers. If you violate this and don't want to change when asked by an admin, you'll get kicked or you may get banned for a longer period of time (1 month - permanent, depending on the name and any quarrels that might have occurred) . Offensive names include but are not limited to including swears, racial slurs, sexist slurs or anything else deemed offensive by an individual.

Spamming of text shall not be allowed. This may include the same text or varying text, entered at a fast rate as to take up the entire chat box with a single users messages. Legitimate messages involving the game shall not be considered spam unless it is done very fast and is deemed to be done with the sole intent as to annoy others.

Microphone Spamming:
At no time shall mic spamming be allowed on the servers. This is defined as any voice chat that is deemed excessive such as "jarbled" mic's that also have feed-back and excessive echo, playing music over the mic, holding onto the talk key while saying things that are considered "random" such as general BS and random noises.

Advertising of Personal Sites / Channels:
This shall not be allowed by players or admins unless direct approval from senior staff is given to do so. If you want to come and record a video for your YT channel you are more than welcome, but do not advertise for the channel in the chat. This is to ensure that the site advertised does not include any objectionable material as this is an all age game, as well as we want to make sure it does not include anything we would not want our name tied to as well.

Going AFK:
It is highly encouraged that you go into spectator if going AFK for a period of time. If you go AFK while on a team for an extended period of time, you may be slain or possibly kicked after a shorter period of time of not moving if the server is full or near capacity.

Griefing Barricades
At no point is it allowed for a survivor to grief or destroy barricades. This will get you kicked and can lead to a short ban from the server.