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Nov 24, 2013
General rules

The Official language of all the servers and forums is English. At all times, English should be spoken on the servers. IF you can not speak English, then not only are you not reading these rules, BUT you will be told in English to only speak English. IF you continue speaking in any other language, you will be kicked from the server. This is to ensure that all players/guests can understand each other. This may seem unfair to some, BUT this is the decision of the community who has many members and is led by a person who speaks English as a second language.

At no time will excessive foul language be allowed on the server. This includes, but is not limited to any hateful, derogatory, racial, sexist or otherwise offensive comments. The occasional swear is acceptable, but at no time should any hateful or offensive comments as described above be allowed on the GMs digital property.

Spamming of text shall not be allowed which includes the same text or varying text, entered at a fast rate as to take up the entire chat box with a single users messages. Legitimate messages involving a game shall not be considered spam unless it is done very fast and is deemed to be done with the sole intent as to annoy others.

Mic Spam
At no time shall mic spamming be allowed on the server. This is defined as any voice chat that is deemed excessive such as “jarbled” mics that also have feed-back and excessive echo, playing music over the mic, holding onto the talk key while saying things that are considered “random” such as general BS and random noises.

Offensive Names
Names deemed to be offensive by the server admins shall not be allowed on the server. If a name is deemed offensive, the player/guest will be asked to immediately change their name or they will be kicked from the server. If they return without having changed their name, a 24 hour ban will be issued.

Racist / Religious / Sexist Slurs / Sexual Harassment –

This shall result in an immediate ban for 3 months, no warning, no gag/mute or kick. Ban becomes the very first and ONLY step.

These can offend more people than anything else and can easily kill a server if left unchecked. If they want to be let back on teamspeak, they will need to request an appeal. However, this will include a minimum of a 1 month ban on the server, and will be voted on by senior admins if the ban should be lifted early. Views like these often times stay with a person for life, so the chances of them changing their ways in this regard are slim. Given that and the extreme damage this can do to a server, it justifies the ban. It is very rare that anything should justify this, but this is one of those things.

Listen to the admins
If an administrator asks you to stop doing something, stop doing it. You are most likely bothering either them or someone else.

General Disrespect to Admin
Disrespect against an admin shall not be tolerated. This includes anything from vulgar language, to generally talking back to an admin in a negative way that is deemed to not be helpful to any given situation. This shall include “abuse calling” when it is unjust or repeated over and over. If there is an issue with an admin, please contact the Senior Staff
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