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Admin Application Rules

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Sep 10, 2013
This topic is to set basic rules regarding the eligibility of users to submit an admin application. If there are any questions concerning this, please contact the Resource Manager.

The application must follow the proper layout as described in the following topic. https://gmservers.co.uk/index.php?topic=1405.0

Failure to do so within the 7 days will result in a denial of the application before the voting process. Applicants may add additional information or subjects however to the bottom of the application if they feel like they could provide additional information within them to give them a better chance at getting approved.

Previously Banned

Applicants who have been previously banned may not apply for admin. Given how much it takes to actually be banned from the servers, this means that you were unable to learn your lesson in a timely manner and are therefore, not what we are looking for in an admin.

Applying for an exception
If you have been banned before and believe that the ban was unjust, please provide the ban date, admin who banned you and the reason you believe it was unjust. This information is required and without it, we will not consider an exception.

The voting Process

The applicant will post their application in the same spot as usual. Admins do not need to post any opinions or votes in the application anymore. The application will sit for 7 days giving admins enough time to get to play with the applicant, as well as guests, players, trial-admins and normal admins to post their opinions of the applicant in the application, as well as time for the applicant to fix any errors in the application. Just because admins no longer have voting rights does not mean their input is not valuable.

After 7 days, the application managers will create a post in the appropriate "Pending Votes" section using a format they will be given. This vote will continue for 4 days which is more than enough time for the vote to take place. During this time the owner, co-community leader and senior GM admins can Veto the vote for any reason they deem fit. This will generally only be used if they person is caught cheating/glitching/RDMing or breaking the rules in general.

After 4 days, the managers will close out the vote, change the subject to reflect the decision and move it to the appropriate approved or denied board. They will then modify the application in the same manner and make a post showing the results of the vote and move it to its appropriate folder. (Approved applications will be view-able to all, denied only to admins)

If the application is denied
The applicant will be notified of the vote results through PM as well their application thread and will be able to apply again after 30 days. If they fail for a second time, they will no longer be allowed to apply for admin.

Previously an Admin

If you are applying for admin, and had previously held an admin position within GM, you will be required to follow through the entire process from start to finish. If you quit before, you must wait 30 days from your date of quitting, before you can submit another application. There will be no streamlined process. You will not be given your old rank back upon acceptance, unless your old rank was that of Trial Admin.

GM believes in a 2 chance system. If you quit or were removed from admin once, you will be on your last chance. If you quit or are removed a second time, you will never be allowed to apply for admin again. There is however the possibility that you can ask for an exception due to certain circumstances. These circumstances as well as if there will be an exception given shall be up to the Senior Staffs discretion.
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