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    daily dose of myrrdin :P

    daily dose of myrrdin :P
  2. XNovaCore

    XNovaCore says goodbye, for now !

    I knew already that the day will come, it was just a matter of time. I want to step back from my position as an admin, after a long disinterest on gmod or in general on online gaming, i decided thats not the way and take my retrirement. Its nothing about you, gaming or something cyber life...
  3. XNovaCore

    Member map

    Since i made an unoffical member map and got much positive and negative feedback, i just want to know who wants it and who not. This vote should show me who wants to be on the map and who not. I post this here because i want to reach all staff members. You can delete this thread when the vote...
  4. XNovaCore

    Unoffical member map

    First off, im sorry to put this here but i want to reach every staff member :P Over the last month i started to create an unoffical member map. Information where gathered over steam profiles, GM profiles and applys and informations you gave me over PN/Skype. I will respect your mind when you...
  5. XNovaCore

    An apology for my lack of activity

    So...i dont like to write bad news right after bad news (Lullan), but i wanted to let you people know why i wasn't online that much over almost 2 weeks. The reason for this was that my grandfather died last week. I only told Angel and Blues about that atm and thought i should better tell it...
  6. XNovaCore

    Test of freakklompje & King Worm - PH Trials

    Thought about to test our new trials today. Best moment ever that office was running so i hide without taunting, snow glitch, out of map glitch, no responding even to warnings -well they would had seen my admin prefix so it was necessary :P So they had to handle with: Disrespect No respond...
  7. XNovaCore

    Bump thread

    at least its one of the SFW bump girl pics xD
  8. XNovaCore

    Giveaway: "First comes, first gets" (leftover game keys)

    Since i dont get enough people for the raffle, i quit the idea and just do a a "first comes, first gets" giveaway of my leftover keys. Have fun Games Steam Games Brütal Legend Bones: Key sent Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Steam Key Dead Space Lullan91: Key sent DemiGod (1 steam gift) Luigi Skippy...
  9. XNovaCore

    Humble Bundle raffle idea

    I decided to give away 4 codes of the actual Humble Weekly Sale ( https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly complete pack), since i reached the mark of owning 300 games on steam. Before i start, i want to know if we can get a good amount of people to do a raffle. How it should go? I will use an...