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  1. Myrrdin

    What kind of events are you guys interested in having?

    Obviously i'll throw in some nice rewards, but I am looking for some ideas for fun events. Does not have to be in Garry's Mod, but obviously that is preferable as that is where I do my best work ;) Maybe a good ol´ Rise Of The Melons?
  2. Myrrdin

    The Prop Hunt Revamp you have been waiting for is here!

    Hi everyone! Lately we have spent a lot of time focusing on our Prop Hunt server and the issues that we have had in the past. I am very happy to say that we have made great progress! Things that have been addressed: Lack of modern taunts - 100+ more modern taunts added! Outdated loading screen...
  3. Myrrdin

    Latest: New webshop with private playermodels, private taunts, custom titles and more! Can be earned!

    Hi guys! As we are working on revamping our servers and in a sense doing a little soft re-launch, we wanted to make sure that our offerings are also updated and a bit more modern. As such, I hereby present to you our new Webshop! As stated it includes some crazy offers such as: One private...
  4. Myrrdin

    New webshop opened, with 50% off everything for easter using the code BROCOCLIEASTER

    Hi my little Brococlis! With easter holidays coming up, and our new Webshop at the ready; we'd love for you to join us in the celebrations by utilizing some of our real fancy offers. As you know, we are unlike most communities out there. We will never ask you to pay a subscription; everything is...
  5. Myrrdin

    Trouble In Terrorist Town [EU] now has a very basic pointshop!

    Hi all! So, been sorting some things out and now the TTT server has its own pointshop. It is separated from the rest which means that so are the rewards. At least most of them ^^ If you get a VIP package, you will of course get the same amount of points on this server as well. The shop will be...
  6. Myrrdin

    Trouble In Terrorist Town [EU] and Hide & Seek [US] now up and running

    Hi peeps! Along with some new maps for the existing Hide & Seek server, I have set up a new Hide & Seek server which can be easily found from any of our other servers. On top of that, you can also find our new EU TTT server there as well. Hope you will like them! Big thanks to @Lauwra, @IRTN...