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  1. DaddyBlues

    Blues and Uni

    So if you've seen my LOA you will know im now going back to Uni for my second year, and I have come to a decision that I have discussed at length with Myrr. Since I have been back from Uni I have kind of lost my drive to play Gmod, and I am just not feeling the need to play it, and because I...
  2. DaddyBlues

    The return of blues

    Well its been a long few months since ive been around but I think its time that I announce my return back into GM! I've just completed my first year of uni and my exams, and now im as free as I could ever be so... IM BACK BABY:D I look forward to seeing everyone again, i have missed GM since...
  3. DaddyBlues

    Blues at Uni

    So ive been hugely busy the last week and a half with moving into university (yay more educations) and ive been getting to grips with things here at the uni this week! So with me at uni, everything is going to be effected, like my game time and being on the forums (though ill still try to look...
  4. DaddyBlues

    Dispute between Cho and HeyItsHon (with involvement from Ziph)

    So i was alerted to a complaint by Cho and Ziph against HeyItsHon and it is as follows; Cho was the detective and was being followed by Hon. Prior to this, Cho and been joking around with Ziph (not entirely sure on what it was about) but Hon asked them to keep it out of the game and in private...
  5. DaddyBlues

    Trader Camps

    So im fairly new to Epoch, infact have not played it before! I play with Mega-Ultra-Sloth and have just a couple of quieries. We need a 30m Build plot from a trader, but we cannot find a trader that sells one, we can only find a trader who sells cars, and weapons. We also cannot find a food...
  6. DaddyBlues

    GM Open Community

    We thought this deserved a mention in light of the recent developments in GM GM is an open and friendly community, we like to encourage other GM members to voice any concerns that you might have with any part of the community. Be it something to do with server rules or another person within the...
  7. DaddyBlues

    Careful with the use of the !slay command

    I thought this needs a definate mention on the forums. If a player on the TTT or Prophunt server is in need slaying for breaking the rules, and there name consists of spaces after every letter (eg. P I ii X e L) use the ULX menu to slay them and do not use the !slay command as it will slay...
  8. DaddyBlues

    HLSW Log problem

    I do not know if any of you guys have experianced this problem, but whenever I hit the button to recieve server logs on the US prophunt server, it cannot get them. I get a lovely error message which tells me that the logaddress times out and I fail to get the server logs. Any advice guys?
  9. DaddyBlues

    SeeingTheBlues Less activity-ness

    Just to let you all know; So, college work load has increased and im goona have to spend quite a bit of time working on my subjects! which means less time on the forums and servers unfortunately :( this will mainly be during the week, so i wont completely disappear! Ill still be on after...
  10. DaddyBlues

    TTT Trapping

    If someone traps you in a confined space ie, blocking the only exit and refuses to move (even if they are innocent) is there anyway of specifically dealing with this? EDIT: Lullan has cleared this up for me. Trapping is not allowed on the TTT servers as an innocent any time. A traitor can trap...
  11. DaddyBlues

    Offensive Names

    Now i've seen this quite a lot when playing, that some people have really offensive names when playing and this causes some concern to other people as they take offense to this. I understand this is very broad but mainly things such as "(fin)stillalivenigga" or "Yah all ugly cunts m8" which ive...